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665 Unusual Life Advice


Conservatism has lots of good aspects, most importantly it keeps things that are working well, working well, but it does have the significant downside of limiting people's creativity. Liberals don't have that problem but then again, you have to be suspicious of the selfishness of liberalism, which is probably why Conservatives don't recognize when the Liberals have it right. Then there are all those people who aren't exactly sure what it means to be Conservative or Liberal, so a little unusual life advice is in order.

First, people are too timid and life is too short, so: buy cool cars even if they are undependable; dress however you want; wear strange facial hair; ignore the opinions of others; blow with the wind when it's taking you in an interesting direction but hold firm when you must; eat strange food that might make you sick; travel to places without reading the guide; try recreational drugs once; wear hats that make you look silly; become an expert in a musical genre; and most important, follow unusual life advice.


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