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664 Sins Concepts


People of the Old Testament were onto something when they identified the sins:

  1. Almost all human motivations emanate from our negative emotions.

  2. Envy is the limit we allow other people to outperform us.

  3. Jealously ensures the genealogy of the patriarchy.

  4. Resentment builds over time, eventually flipping the scales over to hate.

  5. Spite is an evolutionary mechanism version of crabs-in-a-bucket.

  6. Perversity is as illogical as it is irrational but is none-the-less extremely common because it feels so good.

  7. The pervasive nature of vindictive behavior justifies a least a little paranoia.

  8. Fear easily overpowers all other emotions which is why people seek security above all else.

  9. Humanity requires anger to be human.

  10. Selfishness is the natural state of being the Center-of-the-Universe.

  11. Slothful people are non-productive, not lazy.

  12. When getting back means causing harm, that's revenge.

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