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662 Sloth


Sloth is an old word, kind of strange, rather misunderstood. Laziness is often considered the definition of sloth but lazy people don’t like to do anything, while slothful people don’t actually accomplish anything. Slothful people can be quite active pursuing their own self-gratification, but there is no lasting achievement, just purely consumptive activities like fitness, food & fantasy. People may be habitually lazy due to lack of motivation, but slothful people are highly motivated, just not from society's standpoint.

As a nation, the dissatisfaction has hit a level where many people feel their situation cannot be improved through any actions they take themselves, at least not at the cost: 40-hour work week at a Minimum Wage job versus playing Fortnite all day and trolling Chat Rooms at night, is an easy calculation to make; there is no impetus for them to contribute to the existing status quo. It also explains their disdain toward productive achievement; the slothful have lost their naive optimism and are faced with a conclusion that makes their choice the logical one: to seek entertainment at the exclusion of all else.


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