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649 Narcissism


As prosperity has increased, narcissism has along with it. Narcissists think they are the Center-Of-The-Universe, just like the rest of us, but they take it to the extremes. Narcissism used to be frowned upon, garnering social censure; in fact, “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” is still considered a mental illness and describes how the disorder negatively impacts the patient, but with the rise of the Look-At-Me vanity culture, typified by Social Media like Instagram, it literally pays to be a narcissist. It's hard to go anywhere without seeing some overly made-up girl with a Selfie-stick preening in the background of all your photos.

Ironically, though the true definition of narcissism now suffers no consequence, the word has become an Internet slur, conflated with pride; just mention your achievements or accomplishments online and see what happens; especially if you've done something that makes most people feel inadequate. Attaching the metal illness connotation of "narcissism" to highly successful vain people is just societal envy & resentment; however, being entrapped in the thrall of a true narcissist: the entitled, callous, self-centered greed, makes you understand why there is a biblical stricture against it.



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