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647 Sociopaths


Often when people describe sociopaths, they use the term “don't care,” as in "a sociopath doesn't care." Care about what? A sociopath is simply someone who makes a logical calculation of the benefit of their action versus the social penalty. A successful sociopath does not "care" whether they are shunned, scorned, or shamed, or any other kind of social ostracization, and consider people who do as fools & dupes. A sociopath wants a society where people make decisions for themselves and reap the rewards or suffer the consequences of their own actions. Essentially, Capitalists are sociopaths, as are people who believe in liberty. America can honestly be said to have been built by sociopaths.

The people who find sociopaths appalling are the Group-Think types who are losers individually, and depend on societal penalties to reign in those who intimidate their own sense of self-value. For example, the Marxist Equality ideology, with its emphasis on egalitarianism, is the exact opposite of personal autonomy. When altruism and empathy are your ultimate goals, individuals looking out for themselves seems selfish, so it's easy to see why Marxists think liberty is evil.


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