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646 Masochism


A masochist derives pleasure from their own pain, humiliation & mental anguish. Though it's commonly associated with sex, its biggest manifestation is among participants in the modern Victimhood culture; people who view their whole existence through a lens of mortification, and revel in guilt. In fact, a large portion of the population is shameful towards their own race, and are outraged by their history. They indulge in a litany of masochism, a cavalcade of self-hatred; tantrums on Social Media; woe-is-me and anybody who looks like me. It's actually a travesty because many of these vulnerable personalities have been pushed into clinical mental illness by the obscenely manipulative tactics of Mainstream News Media.

But masochism is not a recognized mental disorder, and even seems to be encouraged in society's ever-increasing obsession with egalitarianism, altruism & empathy. However, it seems unhealthy from almost any other point-over-view, and people should seek treatment in the form of therapy, which tries to get the patient to recognize what they are doing and take responsibility for changing their actions. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending how you view personal liberty, masochists are obviously a perfect match for sadists, those who like to give pain, humiliation & mental anguish, so if both groups would just leave everyone else alone, it would be match made in Psychiatric heaven.


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