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645 Sadism


Sadists are people who get pleasure from inflicting suffering & humiliation on others; passive aggression, spite & perversity are their calling cards. In the past, sadism was a psychiatric condition but has since become mainstream; now a significant portion of humanity is sadistic, fueled by Social Media, which is a sadistic paradise: Internet trolls, the call-out culture, and Twitter are breeding grounds for sadists. Also, politics is full of sadists: from the commentators who live to tear down others, to the voters who don't just want that guy to lose the election, they want him destroyed personally too.

Because people overlook their own emotional weaknesses, sadism goes undetected by the person exhibiting it, requiring a self-awareness most folks just don't have because our self-adsorption has increased along with our freedom. Sadism doesn't require dominance or power; in fact, the culture of Equality has allowed even the weakest among us to indulge their inner-sadism, and because they grew up at the mercy of other sadists, they have a whole lot of making up to do. There are more opportunities than ever for newly-empowered sadists to engorge themselves on the vulnerabilities of others.


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