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644 Delusional


A delusion is believing things that aren't true, so obviously we're all living in a delusion because most naive optimism is unjustified. Religion is another prime example: are you a reincarnated grasshopper? Does a spirit listen to your whispering and grant wishes? Are we all part of a oneness where rocks and plants are sentient on a galactic level? What are the odds that your religion is the right one, because if you’re right, billions of other people are delusional. Do we have Free Will or is that a delusion? There are many people who believe we are simply players in an artificial simulation that makes each of us the Center Of The Universe. Is it the people who believe those things who are delusional or the people who don't?

Politics could possibly claim the Most Delusional prize: if you’re pure and the other side is evil, that’s half of everybody who are delusional, plus the other half too. Both sides explain that their differences come from lack of information; that given the same facts, everyone would come to the same conclusion, but it's glaringly apparent that we don't, and nobody seems to recognize this dichotomy; we all live in our delusions without admitting we are delusional. Self-awareness is recognizing that you are.


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