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638 Shame


Shame is an extremely powerful motivator, and a very effective means of control. Creatures are not born with shame, even humans; it must be taught. If there is no taboo in a society against an action then people don't feel guilty engaging in it; for example, without cultural restriction, people don't feel guilty engaging in underage sex; and a culture can evolve its morals, ethics & values; for example, homosexuality is no longer shameful. Shame is defined by the generation.

Society decides what is shameful then uses it as a weapon against its members. Shame becomes a penalty: being labeled a Racist because of who you vote for, called selfish for not donating to charity, a checkmark on a job application if you are a felon. When rulers want to consolidate their power, they cynically indoctrinate shame into those under their thrall, usually in the from of morals: paying taxes, joining the military, and various duties to God. But shame is simply a contrived feeling, which makes it your choice how it affects you. There are many people that are actually positively reinforced by feeling shame; they wallow in it, they want to wear the hair-shirt and don sack-cloth & ashes. It's these people who promote intergenerational shame in the form of Social Justice.


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