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637 Agreeableness


Clinical Psychologist, Jordan Peterson, includes the concept of “agreeableness” in his explanation of human personality. It's an awkward term with a weak meaning, but seems to indicate that an agreeable person is willing to sacrifice personal gain and even truth in order to avoid conflict. These people therefore do better in environments that require supplication, like schooling and rote office jobs. In a competitive society, agreeableness would seem to be a disadvantage. The Pop-psychology aspects of whether agreeableness is a good or bad thing would explain many coffee house ramblings.

Women, Peterson says, have higher agreeableness than men. Why might that be the case? Perhaps men's higher testosterone incites competitiveness, rejecting authority and instruction. It could also be cultural: women have a history of being subservient to men due to strength and concern for their children's well-being. We could endlessly speculate on the impact of so-called agreeableness, but the one place where it would really make a difference would be the political ramifications because it correlates with ideology, and is probably why the Democratic Party is dominated by women, which doesn't seem very agreeable at all.


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