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635 Men's Responsibility


Evolutionary, women ensured survival by bearing children, and in modern times they still have control over reproduction. This overarching biological advantage gives women purpose regardless of what is happening in their personal lives, and they take solace in that whether they are actually the ones having the children or not; it's their meaning of life. Men, on-the-other-hand, have no such biologically epic role; the only meaning available to men is the assumption of responsibility towards the child, to the woman, to the family, to the clan.

The difference between men and boys is that men are defined by the challenges they must overcome to obtain responsible positions in life. Without responsibility, men do not mature, they remain in limbo: more than children, less than adults; forever playing, pursing impulsive pleasures, and they end up despising themselves. Their lives become meaningless and psychologically stressed so they choose the escape of drugs and nihilism. Modern life is simply not compatible with the evolutionary demands that created men: aggression, ambition, competitiveness & protection were developed for a primeval time but the times have changed and the reason for men hasn't caught up yet.


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