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631 Infallibility


What should be considered a weakness, not admitting when you are wrong, has been turned on its head by the penalty if you do so. The reason for the infallibility trap is the inability to admit an error without penalty: social or monetary. Anybody, anywhere, for anything, can claim they are offended and will take control by exploiting the leverage given to them by someone apologizing. No one can say “I'm sorry” without threat of a lawsuit.

The consequence of infallibility is that you must pretend to be sure of everything; that every decision you make, and everything you do or have ever done is the absolute correct thing. In fact, to admit that you aren't sure is considered a lack of character. This has lead to the cult of infallibility; the idea that no one can be excused for any act at any time in their life; that you have been and always will be the exact same person; you cannot change. Our politics is thoroughly infected with the infallible malady; every candidate must be a beacon of false confidence, to our detriment. It's easy to see why there are a whole lot of people out there with a raging I-know-better-than-you hardon.


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