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547 What Are Taxes Really For?


One of the reasons taxes are so vehemently disliked is because they are misunderstood. People think it's a kind of market transaction: services given for payment received. Taxpayers judge taxes in that light and find the exchange wanting, not comprehending that the primary purpose taxes serve is to redistribute wealth. It's a mathematically certainty that wealth will concentrate; the natural aftermath of compounding gains. That's what Capitalism does; leave the system on overnight without anybody watching, and when you wake up in the morning, everyone is a pauper except the guy in the Lear jet.

It's not even that complex of an analogy: if you've ever played Monopoly, you know that at the end, one guy gets everything, and everybody else sucks wind. Passing “Go” keeps you in a little longer, but if you want to keep the game going, the money needs to be redistributed. How does this apply to Real Life, you ask? Because society is more than one person, The Rich seem to forget that. Each of us surrendered our Right of Violence to the State because we would be better off, but if the vast majority of people are treading water or downing while one guy smokes $100 bills, well, then Johnny, get my gun.


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