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When thinking about your future, listen to old people on how to get the most out of life because they've already had one, plus the rules are rather simple:

If you're not married, focus on getting so because your spouse's career may determine where you will live. Then buy a cheap house near where you work. Then have kids as soon as possible. Don't run up bills. If you have loans, pay those off first, then pay off the house as soon as possible.

Try to have a career in something. Working for other people isn't for everyone; for control over your life, start a business but know there's a lot of chance and effort involved. How much you work versus how much you play is a family dynamic but leisure pursuits are better than working really hard just to have a second home in Florida, and don't buy things to impress other people.

You'll get Social Security, plan on it. In fact, any other money you "save" for retirement is gambling, and may get eaten up in inflation or circumstances beyond your control. Instead, buy collectibles with the money you have earmarked for retirement, something you like. If you like it, certainly other people do too, and when you're retired, sell off the collection a bit of a time on eBay. This method of saving is fun going in, and going out, plus, collectibles keep up with inflation. Retirement is about not working but you will want to do something; playing golf is for losers.


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