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542 Retirement Advice


Retirement is a modern concept, part of liberalism; the idea that some portion of society can stop working and rely on the productivity of younger members to support them. Though the very concept is mathematically problematic, it's the expectation of everyone who lives in the Western world. Since retirees are the largest voting block, Social Security isn't going anywhere, though it will be at some subsistence level, but that's all you need, really, because you can also use the Social Safety Net: Medicare, senior food service, senior transportation, and social workers to watch out for you.

If you want more than Social Security, just know that planning for retirement is definitely predicting the future, with all the pitfalls that entails, but without the understanding by most people that it's actually gambling. However, there are some things that seem less risky. First: buy a house; pay off the mortgage as soon as possible; improve it; and when you want to retire, get a Reverse Mortgage and live on the annuity. Second: stay out of the Stock Market; in fact, ignore all the hyped-up ways to make money passively. Third: go on cheap vacations that leave memories no one can take from you, but squirrel away enough money to buy clothes for your grandkids. That's all the advice you need for a happy retirement.


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