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541 Impossible Pensions


Productivity has no shelf life: it can’t be stored, but because money is often a proxy for productivity, there is the misconception that pensions can be saved for, so people draw the erroneous conclusion that if they have money, they can retire in their old age. That assumption is easily refuted because it’s not about how much money you have, every retiree could have a billion dollars saved, no it’s about the amount of productivity available at that time. Someone has to be productive so that others can only consume for the rest of their lives.

Consider that, by definition, a pensioner produces nothing, and they can’t eat their money, but because money is also a proxy for State Violence, they can force productive members of society to produce for them. Some young working family somewhere is essentially working so that a retired person doesn't have to. How much does a family have to make before they have that kind of excess production for pensioners? People who make less than $3,000 a month certainly can’t support someone else; they would have to make at least $70K/yr too minimally sustain two households, but many pensioners, perhaps most, don’t want to live at subsistence level so more families would have to contribute, perhaps 2:1. Do the math, there are 40 million pensioners in the U.S. but only 60 million Middle Class households: the cause of the coming collapse seems obvious...


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