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540 Declining Population


America's population is still growing, thanks to immigrants, legal and otherwise, but that increase has been slowly declining; and there's an actual decrease in core White population. Some economists are worried this will lead to a lack of tax revenues, and deflation due to slow consumption, but if anything, due to generous welfare and retirement benefits, consumption is going up. The basic economic formula is quite simple: production = consumption. America never really had to worry about production before because Market innovation cures it, and in recent decades, we have increasingly imported goods.

Even with a declining population, there's plenty of capacity; what isn't there going to be enough of? Places to live? There's plenty of land. Not enough food? America alone could supply the world if it had too. Energy conservation, renewables, and massive oil reserves have taken that specter off the table. Automation answers the question of who's going to perform manual labor. Even medicine is currently underutilized and artificially limited; however, there is a concern of who's going to take care of the exploding ranks of the elderly.


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