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539 Redistribute Opportunity


Most people do not recognize the connection between opportunity and liberty: The Left doesn't want personal liberty, individual autonomy, to exist because that would conflict with their collectivistic goals, and The Right doesn't want opportunity to be part of the liberty equation because that would imply the wants of other people matter. The fact is America's Jeffersonian liberty, where people make decisions from themselves and reap the rewards or suffer the consequences of their own actions, requires both freedom and opportunity; freedom to choose, and opportunities to choose from.

America is the only Liberty Nation in this regard but it will be the last one if opportunity doesn't get redistributed because wealth stratification and concentration are slowly choking ambition and hope to death. Lack of opportunity is why Millennials are trending socialist; if society, as it stands, won't provide opportunity to the many versus the few, then following generations will be forced to change society. So as Baby-Boomers die off, Liberty America will become yet another socialist wasteland. It's not like we don't know how to fix it, massive redistribution of wealth from The 1% to everyone else, but the Nouveau Aristocracy have their hands on the levers of power, and they're not giving it up.


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