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472 Freedom of Association


Technically, The Constitution does not specifically mention a Right of Association; it's derived from the First Amendment which gives people the Right to Assemble which led the Supreme Court to declare “people can engage in effective speech only when they join with others,” and means that people can demonstrate, form clubs or unions, and meet with other people without government interference. It also means people do NOT have to do these things; for example, people cannot be forced to join a political Party.

Unfortunately, under the guise of "inclusiveness," the Freedom of Association is under serious threat. It used to be who you associate with was up to you to decide, no one could force membership into your organization, or who you must work and socialize with, but inclusiveness reverses that power. The Inclusivity People, in conjunction with the Equality People, have taken control of the narrative; imagine how difficult it would be to argue that we need divisiveness, a demarcation between "us" and "them," but how else can you protect the things you cherish if you are forced into sharing? How can you enjoy life to the maximum if you cannot escape those you do not like. It's clearly collectivism, even Marxist, but the penalties for objecting to inclusiveness have become legal, and because of the discourtesy and verbal assaults, no one fights back against these infringements on our Freedom of Association, so we have essentially lost it. Right to Privacy and Freedom of Movement are similarly under threat.


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