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469 Right of Violence


Back when men decided things with clubs, it was clear to everyone that the only natural born Right was violence. For millennia that was the case, the most violent dominated, but tribes that inherited altruism, the caring for others, where able to break the cycle of violence, and society advanced. A tacit deal was made: safety and improved living standards in exchange for men's voluntary sacrifice of personal violence. However, altruism has a poor memory, as time passed and civilization no longer had a daily reminder of the violent potential of men; sophistry became the norm, and people forgot where power comes from; that all other Rights are only possible if the Right of Violence is properly recognized.

Violence is the only way to keep a society intact; men's voluntary submission to State Violence in exchange for The Deal. Most people, even men, no longer understand that; they take it for granted that everybody else will remain nonviolent even when it's against their best interests, and now that women, minorities and weirdos have a taste of power, they want to wield State Violence for their own aims, with no realization from where that violence emanates. These people arrogantly think that police and soldiers are theirs to command; to take liberty through surrogate violence if need be; to get what they want by force. That only works until men reassume their Right of Violence.


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