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465 Court Bias


One of the myths in America is that everyone is equal under the law. That's a bedrock belief, and maintaining its veneer is incredibly important; attorneys can actually have their license revoked for publicly speculating that particular judges are biased in some manner, but most people are aware of the situation anyway. For example, there's how women are treated with a double standard in the realm of domestic violence, child custody, and underage sex. These topics are almost impossible to discuss because mentioning female privilege is taboo in Political Correctnessland, but you can predict how an elected male prosecutor will react to a young Blond White female who is slugged in the face by a Black Male college football player, no matter what the provocation.

Electing judges exacerbates Court bias. The argument for electing is that The People get to select who judges them, but that immediately inserts a political factor, and politics is about one faction over another, whereas judges must at least be perceived as even-handed. Unfortunately, the entire fabric of the jurisprudence system unravels if it is advancing the agenda of a Special Interest group. In Washington State, that would be the public unions, the Teacher's Union in particular. That's why the Washington State Supreme Court is not trusted by the Republican Party; how can half the population hold its highest judiciary suspect?


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