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207 Liberty vs. Wealth


Liberty allows people to benefit from what they're good at, leading to the predictable outcome of people who are excellent at making money are going to end up with most of it. Compared to all other forms of success, money-making is most valued, and since there is a direct correlation between wealth & opportunity, people who make lots of money end up with most of the opportunity. Liberty tracks opportunity: the more opportunity, the more liberty, therefore a concentration of wealth in very few hands is adversarial with the ideal of the most liberty to the most people. Like all adversarial relationships, there is a balance: a Liberty Nation has to put artificial limits on the wealth-experts in able to provide all liberty-seeking people more of a share of opportunity.

Two solutions seem obvious: high progressive taxation & confiscatory inheritance taxes, but the modern aristocracy has been particularly successful in stymieing these threats to their prospective dynasties. They have succeeded in indoctrinating a whole Party, the Republicans, with an inaccurate, knee-jerk perception of "taxes," that has infused all of society. Instead of teaching the danger of wealth concentration to liberty & how to address it, we as a nation actually idolize vast accumulations of wealth. It really is an Either-Or choice, and you have to decide which side you're on: liberty or aristocracy?

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