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205 Liberty vs. Justice


America's founding documents enshrine liberty & justice in no uncertain terms: "liberty" is a person makes their own decisions & the reaps the rewards or suffers the consequences thereof; while "justice" is that we are all the same under The Law, responsible for our own actions. However, as usual, Collectivists distort the definition of justice into something that suits their Blame agenda, such that “social justice” becomes a direct challenge to personal liberty.

Social justice is a euphemism for cultural Marxism, the idea that the only way people become very successful is to steal opportunity from someone else less fortunate. It's an obvious reversal of responsibility from those who have not achieved, applied as obligation onto those that have. So-called, Social Justice Warriors use the tactics of derision, guilt & shunning, combined with incremental pressure on unaccountable government agencies to achieve their goals. They are thoroughly insinuated into public institutions, particularly the Liberal Arts departments of universities, Women's Rights groups, and international organizations. They hijack the word “justice” to acquire its aura, then equate it with the word “fair,” assigning their subjective values for what “fair” is. But justice is not subjective, it is ensconced in The Law, and measured out unequivocally every day in our courts. Justice means we can depend on The Law to unpreferentially adjudicate our grievances, nothing else.


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