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119 Isolationism


Liberty is the concept that you are an island unto yourself, only subject to contracts you voluntarily engage in, while socialism is implied obligations, and Marxists explicitly say that you are responsible for the actions of others. People raised in America, the only Liberty nation, are caught off-guard in a socialist setting where others are tacitly waiting for them to act. Liberalists aren't looking for nor aware of the social clues of obligation, and are embarrassed & confused when comforted about their perceived inaction. This fundamental difference in ideologies makes engagement between the two groups, liberalists & socialists, fraught with angst & anger. In fact, less contact may be for the best. Certainly one side trying to impose their ideology on the other is distinctly illiberal. This goes for all forced value systems whether they be political, religious or commerce: friction is inevitable.

Over-arching para-national organizations like the UN are especially pernicious, but "Free" Trade has the most at home impact, exploiting as it does destitute labor in other countries only to impoverish our own, to the benefit of a small Nouveau Aristocracy. But worse, ceding of our sovereignty to international courts, trade tribunals, and military pacts is extremely anti-democratic & certainly not in the best interests of private individuals, violating as it does the very essence of liberty. America was founded on an expectation of isolationism, its people are comfortable with isolationism, and there are numerous examples of America suffering after compromising that standard. China is isolationist, Russia is isolationist, most other nations are successfully isolationist within their own sphere of influence. America has been successfully isolationist before & should move that direction again in the name of liberty.

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