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117 Border Fence


How or even rather to maintain a country's borders is hotley contested. Because we are a Liberty nation, subjective questions are decided by Rule of Law, so until it's changed through democracy, Americans deserve & expect at least practical enforcement of their immigration policy, which would include border control if for no other reason than safety. Practically, border control from Canada has not been an issue, but the border with Mexico has a long history of abuse, and a physical barrier is needed, but there are constituencies who do not want to do so: Marxists want open borders so that all people get a chance to share equally in America's bounty; many Hispanics have family members & loved ones who would like to join them in America; cheap-labor-exploiters, such as farmers & contractors, certainly don't want a Fence for profit motives; and there are even some cynical Democratic strategists that want the potential votes & populism of new immigrants. But is that a majority of Americans? No, as demonstrated by the political popularity of controlling the border.

There are other advantages of building a Border Fence: by stemming the tide of Illegal Immigrants, there will be a political opportunity to give the existing ones citizenship. Also, many of the problems in the Inner-City cannot be solved until the constant influx of poor immigrants is stopped. Plus, building & manning a Border Fence is a great infrastructure Make-Work program, and only a little prescience is required to guess that Climate Change will cause massive refugees, and we'll certainly need a Border Fence before that.

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