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116 Illegal Immigration


From my indoctrinated-since-childhood position, I think everyone in the world would want to immigrate to the United States. Liberty is a wonderful thing: look at all we have. The U.S. already allows by far the most legal immigrants of any nation on earth, and the problem of Illegal Immigrants is easy to understand but it conflicts with the liberty of our current citizens because those other people are doing things that impact us. How much & what those impacts are is up for debate but border control is one of a nation's main prerogatives. It's our nation, we decide what we want, and outsiders' opinions have no bearing.

However, even with these convictions, our country’s cynical reliance on Illegal Immigration, and our political capitulation to immigration Special Interests, is criminal. The major instigating factor is jobs: Illegal Immigrants are willing to work the low-prestige jobs at low wages, and they are great employees: no Minimum Wage, child labor, poor living conditions, sexual exploitation, everything you would expect of an unprotected underclass. And it has giant scope: the collaborators are more numerous than the 10-25 million Illegals. We're talking Underground Railroad levels of collaboration, as dedicated to Illegal Immigration as any anti-slavery group was 150 years ago. No solution could possibly involve deporting whole communities, or keeping them in perpetual servitude & fear, so the only solution is citizenship. It might even be as easy as simply waiting for the next generation of birth citizenship to naturally take care of the problem, and as long as the borders are secure to stop the inflow of Illegal Immigrants into this country, that's the easiest answer.

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