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115 Immigration


America is a liberal nation with a lot of legal immigrants: the equivalent of what Europe & Russia combined allow in a normal year. We are a nation that welcomes immigrants because we all decended from immigrants. It's taught in our schools & the image of the hardworking immigrant gets reinforced every time we meet one because there are no greater advocates of the American ideal of free enterprise than newly arrived, hopeful, enthusiastic, optimistic immigrants. Almost all immigrants are hardworking, loyal, thankful, and conscientious. In fact, without immigrants, “The American Way” would probably collapse since so much of our innovation & productivity comes from a small segment of our population, and many immigrants are among them.

But even with those positive feelings towards immigrants, we set the limit at 675K legal immigrants a year, mostly only the cream of the crop but 70K of them are refugees and 55K come through a lottery. We set limits because as a nation that's what we want. We'll vote if we want to increase immigration, no sanctimonious, self-righteous, my-values-are-paramount immigration advocates can override it.

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