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There's a familiar ring to an ancient religion returning to occupy lands in the Middle East after a millennium, using terror as necessary, not allowing the indigenous people the same rights as the occupier, and absolute certitude their cause is God's will. Israel did it, and ISIL is just trying to do the same thing: establish a foretold Caliphate in lands that God promised to them. It's a kind of fundamentalism that satisfies the very basis of their religion: Christians cheer on Zionists, and Muslims cheer on the Caliphate.

ISIL took advantage of the sectarianship & power vacuum in both Iraq & Syria with secret support from Turkey & other parts of Islam. The U.S. caused it to happen by creating suitable conditions for the Caliphate to emerge, but rather than get involved in the Middle East yet again, this time America needs to stay away & take a wait-n-see attitude: first, will ISIL succeed in an area already filled with Caliphate-like nations? Are they an imminent threat to the West any more than the Zionists are? Wait to see if they've cooled off after a generation or two. If there is reason enough, America took out Iraq's ability to wage war in 4 days & they could do the same to the Caliphate. Plus, Iran in now out of their box & they have the power to impose order on the region.

It's not all the beheadings that got war-weary Americans in a lather, it was ISIL destroying ancient artifacts in Palmyra. But that's nothing new, in the pyramids all the hieroglyphics as far up as a man can reach were chiseled off by 16th & 17th-century Muslims as sacrilegious. But is it really any of our business? Europe doesn't seem to care & they've got terrorists shooting up concert halls & immigrating by the millions. Mostly ISIL is just words & sensationalism: if Russia & the U.S. actually worked together, let Assad alone & kill bad guys with drones, ISIL would be wrapped up in a few years.

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