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112 Syria


It's interesting & concerning to witness the propaganda machine begin an indoctrination cycle on the American people on what we should think of foreign nations: first it was Iraq, then Iran, and now Syria. It beggars the question of why all of these countries are in the Middle East, no other parts of the world get demonization of their leaders in quite the same way? Oil is cynically touted as the root cause but oil comes from all over the world, no, these smear campaigns & interventions have a more diabolical origin & superb organization behind them. Who are these loud "invade Syria" warmongers, the shadowy figures standing behind John McCain & Lindsey Graham when they prattle incoherently about military action? Those are the true culprits. I have my money on Israel because there are dozens of other examples of Israel-shilling from those two & other Israel-first people. And the entire U.S. anti-Assad stance seems to be nothing more than doing Israel/Turkey/Saudi Arabia's bidding.

Why is the U.S. is involved in Syria but letting Palestinians suck wind? And why aren't we fomenting unrest in Saudi Arabia, the nation that flew airplanes into the Twin Towers, and how can ISIL be less important than Syria? I've never been one for conspiracies but the whole "invade Syria" narrative is not getting enough investigative reporting. We can barely get a discussion going on the topic because no one knows anything, just vague “chemical weapons” & “barrel bombs” charges. Why is the U.S. backing the overthrow of a sovereign nation, especially since it seems like ISIL are the ones who want to do the overthrowing? Don't we ever learn our lesson about interfering in the affairs of other countries? Thank goodness Putin pulled Obama's butt outta the fire before we put "troops on the ground." Let Assad be, ally with Syria & Russia to defeat ISIL, make some kind of deal then get out. Europe, who obviously will do nothing else, can take all the refugees. Problem solved.

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