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99 New Concepts Vol 9


So far since the beginning we have brilliantly covered over four-score original ideas & exciting concepts that explain politics, science, religion & philosophy. Let's review the last batch as we round-out the first 100 episodes.

1. Prisons cost too much & do too little: most criminals only need 24-hr monitoring.

2. Human behavior can be modified via immediate minor punishment.

3. Left vs. Right is really a combination of liberty vs. socialism & with change vs. status quo.

4. This Supermajority Congress has gone from a 51% democracy to a 60% to win democracy.

5. The modern information echochamber has morphed into a virtual Civil War.

6. Guns are an integral part of American culture & adored by those who own them.

7. Gun Control is the between people who enjoy their Right to bear arms vs. those who think their own serenity comes first.

8. Progress is liberty's way of proving it is the most effective political ideology.

9. Science & Engineering must be inspired & maintained by a grand vision of the future.

You may get your news somewhere else but take your advice from me, the Wysest Myn in the Wyrld.

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