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A society's progress can be measured by the number of scientists & engineers, and the only education that makes any real difference to a society's economy is Science & Engineering, but our society assigns relatively little value to these disciplines in comparison to glamorous occupations like athletes, doctors, lawyers & entertainers. Considering how difficult & selective science is, the pay is relatively low, and there is almost no status, and most importantly, there is no inspiration. The most effective way Government can encourage more scientists & engineers is by capturing their imagination with a the grand vision of future progress but Government is awash in parochial thinking & science xenophobia. Pseudoscience & sham-medicine is popularized while real science is demonized: GMO & nuclear power are out, naturopathy & windmills are in.

The previous generation of aspiring engineers was inspired by landing on the moon & Cold War military innovation, and this generation of engineers come from the computer boom but it is a very limited demographic. Some people complain that women & minorities are not equally represented in science & engineering but that's easily predictable: the path to success in this fields requires both the highest caliber of intellect plus a steady controlled path to graduation: any deviation and it's just too difficult to complete. Women & minorities who have both ingredients usually chose to pursue a more fashionable career that pays more. If society wants scientists & engineers, especially if an eclectic mix is important, then it has to pay for them.

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