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100 Wysest Myn In The Wyrld


For this special 100th episode, we answer the question: why me? What makes Marty Hash so special? What kind of hubris does it take for a guy to claim to be the Wysest Myn in the Wyrld? Well, I wanted to pick a goal where the bar wasn't very high. For whatever reason, there seems to be a whole lot more confidence than there is wisdom in the world, and I have enough wisdom to know that I don’t know much, but I still have a legitimate claim to the Wysest-Myn-in-the-Wyrld title per the specifications laid out on my website “Renaissance Myn,” where wisdom is defined as an amalgam of 8 specialties: Science, Law, Medicine, Business, Art, Philosophy, Sport & Travel, and where my achievement in each can be considered expert.

Wyest Myn in the Wyrld: yeah, the title is tongue-in-cheek, but the intention comes from the heart. Why can people say they want to be the “fastest man in the world,” or “best bridge player in the world,” or “eat the most hotdogs in the world,” but striving for wysdom is somehow egotistical? I suspect there’s some false modesty vs. substancial envy there. However, if you think yourself or anybody you know is wiser than I am then let's have a “Wyse Off.” Go to the Renaissance Myn website and score yourself: if you turn out to be wyser than me, you can do these podcasts. BTW, we're not comparing IQs or arcane knowledge about radioisotopes: I claim to be wyse, not smart, and certainly not fashionable.

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