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85 Equality


The word “equal” in a slogan immediately signals that somebody has a selfish agenda they want to hide behind seemingly sincere rhetoric. There's a whole political philosophy based on equality called "social justice.“ Their idea of equal is to reverse control by putting the decision of what is “fair” into their hands with the species idea that hard work & effort always result in success, but in America, Market Forces & luck determine what you're worth. Equalists dislike that concept, they want people to get paid for their effort, not their results. The Equalists go even further, postulating that all people deserve to share in all things equally, that the upper half should contribute to the lower half until everybody is equal, Soviet style.

The fact is, we are not equal: liberty allows people to benefit unequally as a result of their own effort. Nothing about the lucktocracy is equal except that we’re all equal in the eyes of The Law. Since liberty trumps equality in America, the equality folks need stealth and subterfuge to accomplish their goals. The prey on people's envy, spite & perversity; they evoke “fairness” & torture the language; they exploit the political process and the civil judicial system. In other countries, these people have another name for themselves: Marxists.

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