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84 Victimhood


As an adjundt to Political Correctness, and with a lot of the same actors, America has developed a reverence for victimhood, so-much-so that we have shrouded victims in words like “brave” & “enduring.” The cult of victimhood is a bizzare overreaction by people who use it to mollify their own sense of sympathy & poor self-worth. These people are the enablers of victims. Plus we incentivize this culture of blame & perverse behavior, primarily as a result of our unfettered liability industry. To be a victim is to claim preferential treatment, monetary rewards, scantimonious posturing & ancedotal expertise. Also claiming victimhood is a common tactic of The Left to get control and reverse responsibility: instead of liberty where people are responsible for their own actions, victims can claim someone else is responsible and therefore society owes them.

Most people choose to be victims: disabled people aren't victims, handicaped people don't want to be seen as victims, mentally ill people certainly aren't victims, people who grew up in a in less than optimal environment aren't victims, war vetrans aren't victims, neither are survivors of a castotrophy: in fact, the only real victims are those whose trust is violated & courtesy exploited by others claiming victimhood. That makes us all victims.

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