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83 Political Correctness


Language has always been a technique used by the weak to gain control, as well as making themselves feel superior, smug, self-satisfied & they revel in the deep satisfaction of moral outrage. They also use shunning, shaming & ridicule as their weapons, and even legal intimidation to gain advantage over others. Political Correctness is a way to enforce rules on society outside of the Rule of Law, and caters to a paternalistic totalitarian attitude, a tyranny by the minority.

PCers take a fascist glee in their containment of free speech, and rule over the collective, which is how they see society. PCers also attack cultural memory: jokes, old adages, stories & descriptive terms. They do it by redefining words & giving the ownership of some words to specific groups: for example, only Blacks can say “nigger” and only women can say “cunt,” and the word “hate” has entered the lexicon as reason enough to imprison people for thought crimes. Listen for the code phrase “raising awareness” whenever some educational institution is about to publish a banned words list that can result in a student getting expelled.

Actually, Political Correctness has been used throughout history, is totally predictable and has only gotten out of hand because we have let it due to our liberty-based live-n-let-live attitude. We wish to be let alone in return for leaving others alone, but the PCers have abused our trust. Political Correctness is a nightmarish scourge and should be treated like any threat to our Rights: college administrators who allow “no say” words should be reprimanded, public officials who offer moral condemnations should be sanctioned, and elected representatives playing the PC card should be confronted using the same tactics as the purveyors of this nonsense use: derogatory signs, boisterous interruption & constant look-at-me tactics. Political Correctness tears at the very fabric of a free society & its acolytes should be held accountable for their actions just like any criminal.

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