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82 Discrimination


Most people have no personal experience with real discrimination, they've only read about it, seen it in the media & heard stories, but people often think they are being discriminated against: teachers pick on them, referees call unwarranted fouls & even waiters seem to take a personal interest in disrespecting them. A lot of what people think is discrimination is part discourtesy, part self-interest, but mostly a sense of persecution. But also, if history is to be believed, every immigrant wave into America has had a serious headwind of discrimination impinging their liberty, so there is undeniably also something real.

Discrimination is everywhere if you are looking for it: you have a Right of Association so you can discriminate who your friends are, you have the Freedom of Movement so you can discriminate where you live, anti-monopoly laws give you discrimination in commerce, and you certainly have the Right to indiscriminately say anything you please. Discrimination is one of the benefits of a liberal society, however, our right to discriminate is being co-opted by people who seek control through victimhood. They mix everyday discrimination with the rare liberty-abusing kind in an attempt to bolster their case for special treatment. The advantages of victimhood plus people's natural tendency to blame others for their own problems has made the claim of discrimination a popular one.

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