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81 Diversity


A country's strength is measured by its homogeneity, with just a dash of local custom & cultural color. A common belief in liberty is mandatory, as is not impinging on other peoples' liberty, plus a common language, education, the recognition of the value of work ethic, and a common overall direction for society. A mishmash of countries like the EU fails all of these things, so any unified world order is completely out of the question. New immigrants by the millions have come to America, learned the language, absorbed the culture, and become acclimated to the American way of thinking & doing things. In fact, it used to be so prevalent an attitude & process that America was called the Melting Pot, but that is now coming under attack.

When people seek control, they use language and social pressure to turn their desires into a mandate. Because diversity has a casual appeal, and because much of the public educational structure promotes diversity as part of a Liberal Arts education, there is an attempt to usurp control by exploiting courtesy, White liberal guilt & governmental power. The forces promoting diversity are tearing America's homogeneity apart: they want their own languages, their own vacation days, their own laws even, and they're by-n-large socialists. Integration, not diversity, is the secret to America's future success, just as it was in the past.

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