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80 Families


Nothing is more central to the perpetuation of society than families, in truth, society exists for families. Our tax code justifiably subsidizes families & though single people resent that advantage, the fact is single people are drones & their liberty & self-interest become secondary from a society perspective. But children are expensive & certainly limit the lifestyle options of the parents, so given a rational choice, without a predilection towards motherhood, without the biological imperative, without religious indoctrination, it seems likely the natural course would be for a society to slowly die-out, which is happening now in many of the advanced nations.

This trend is entirely due to the empowerment of women in the modern world & puts them in de facto control of society. The Scandinavian countries have recognized this so they pay for children directly. Whether the incentive is perverse or not depends on your point-of-view, which is affected by your own self interest which is tied to your gender. Traditional Americans like to think that fathers are an essential part of families but that is probably a values question because successful single-motherhood proves fathers are simply sperm-donors. As society capitulates to the cult of motherhood where women are in control then gender equality, public-provided daycare & early schooling all come into focus. These issues have tremendous impact & basically pit women's interests against men's. Somebody has to give.

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