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59 Charity vs. Obligation


Liberty means you are responsible for your own actions, no one else is, and if people want to help you, it's called charity. Charity puts the control on the side of the individual providing the charity, but since every person seeks control, the recipients of that charity try instead to insist that it is their Right to receive it, thereby they gain control. They essentially want everyone else working for them, as do we all.

In the battle between liberty & socialism, individual verses group, the same questions always emerge: who is responsible, who decides, and what & how much are we responsible for? With liberty, you are responsible for yourself, but socialists, and especially Marxists, are constantly trying to reverse the obligation, thereby reversing control. If the obligation is that you are responsible for yourself, and I am providing you charity then I may ask that you rhetorically dig-holes-and- fill-them-back-in as a sign that you at least have the commitment to help yourself by exhibiting your work ethic & understanding of your own responsibility in The Deal which we call society. However, on the opposing side, the reversing-responsibility people attempt to gain control by insisting the beneficiaries of charity have a Right to receive it, and they want to dictate what the rest of us owe them, which of course is the opposite of liberty. Charity verses obligation is perhaps the most contentious battlefront in the liberty verses socialism war.

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