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55 Job Creation


Our liberty society uses Market Forces to create most jobs because Market Forces improve efficiency & productivity through a random process euphemistically called Creative Destruction or Reallocation of Resources, but the fact is millions of jobs go away every year and approximately the same number are created. In good times, more are created, and less in a recession, but there’s always more folks wanting jobs then jobs available, even in good times. 60-70 million people in the U.S. are unemployed, perhaps as many as 30 million of those people are out-of-work-but-would-work-if-they-could-get-it, and most of those people are incompetent to do anything but sew garments or hoe tomatoes. You can't "train" them out of the situation they're in, and lowering the standard of living for people on government assistance isn't the answer.

Some people, conscious of their own entrenched self-interest, claim that jobs come from mystical job-creators, and if government just removed regulations & allowed those special people to do as they please, there would be plenty of jobs... And unicorns too. We could probably slow the job exodus if we turned back the clock on wages, safety, monopolies, education, environment & all the things that society wants, I assume that’s what Conservatives are advocating, but our liberty nation decides what we want through democracy, and our citizens think those protected things are important, so business will simply have to accommodate the rules we set. Job creation is going to need to be a combination of Market Forces, regulations & government stimulus.

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