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Though some employees are entrepreneurs just waiting for their chance, most people are not cut out to run a business: way too much work, stress, risk & a high chance of failure. And there's a fundamental ideological difference between entrepreneurs & employees, a liberty vs. socialism schism, because socialists see the employees of a business as partners, while entrepreneurs interpret the relationship as allies. Plus, socialists see employees as having some kind of Right to their job but business owners aren't looking for a random partner when they hire someone. In fact, if a machine can do the job, all the better. It's the old are you responsible for yourself or is someone else responsible for you question.

For example: there are persistent calls by socialist thinkers to make business your nanny, but owners are not responsible for your well-being, that's Government's job. Business executives don't want to worry about your child care, or your healthcare, or whether you vote. Those are all important functions of society totally within the purview of Government. Want public childcare? Subsidize it. No time to vote? Vote-by-mail. Same with the employer's contribution to Social Security & Medicare: those simply put the burden on business for something that is a public concern. Social Security & healthcare should come out of General tax receipts because we all benefit from the spoils of a vibrant society & commerce, so let those who benefit the most, The Rich, bear the lion's share of the cost. Right now it is the Middle Class who ends up paying when the burden is on business.

Democracy is how we settle this, but the danger of democracy is socialism, and since entrepreneurship is relatively rare, employees definitely are in the majority. And people are motivated by the basest of emotions, envy being a big one, and resentment against "The Boss" is granddaddy of them all, but luckily, the American Dream that anyone can get rich, and the fact that we all have Smartphones, keeps most employees allied with business, just like liberty wants them to be.

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