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18 Nouveau Aristocracy


Every kid played Monopoly until they learned that somebody always got everything and they ended up out of the game. Real life is very similar, if the wealth is not redistributed it will accumulate in ever increasing amounts in the hands of the very few who have it. It’s a mathematical certainty that if you have a 1% advantage at a casino, eventually you’re going to own the house, but there are people in this country who are born blessed with much more than a 1% advantage. The top 1% already own almost 40% of the wealth, and since math hasn’t changed, those people, the Nouveau Aristocracy, are going to own even more in the future barring some kind of redistribution.

I was propagandized from childhood to reject an aristocracy, inherited wealth & power, the establishment dynasties, but there is still a substantial portion of the population that longs after a royal line. They act as water-carriers & defenders of the Nouveau Aristocracy, and the entrenched winners protect their wealth through government capture, misdirection, inciting human disdain & secrecy. The narrative they promote is only they can actually be successful in business, and their defenders treat them like Rock Stars, defend their Nouveau Aristocracy, and claim that America's success trickles down from them.

I think more like a quarter of the population would make great entrepreneurs, and perhaps 10-15% could be at the very top of success if they could get a little air. In my experience, the aspiring multimillionaires are much more committed and productive than those who have already pulled the gold ring. Just think what America’s economy would be like if 15% of the population were at the super-achiever level! Unfortunately, business is nearly a zero-sum game: the winners take it all while everyone else sucks wind. In America, Second Place is the first loser.

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