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12 Marxism


Karl Marx is considered one of the most influential men of the last millennium, and obviously ideologies are separated by strong feelings, so the ideas of Marx are much maligned in the U.S., for good reason since they entirely conflict with liberty, but the interesting & often unknown fact is that Marx thought all nations must go through a stage of Capitalism to build the proper foundation before reaching his Utopian fantasy. Also interesting is that the fundamental premise of Marxism that so conflicts with liberty, “from those according to their ability, to those according to their need,” did not originate with Marx, though he popularized it and his name is synonymous with it, so we will use the term “Marxism to refer to this particularly odious belief.

From those according to their ability, to those according to their need,”completely reverses the role of responsibility such that people are made responsible not for themselves, but for ot hers. A Marxist essentially believes that you suffer the consequences for other people's actions, and other people are benefited by the rewards of your own. This ideology exploits the base human motives of envy, spite, resentment & perversity. As proven in the modern day experiments in all the communist nations on the earth, it does not work because it goes against the natural human motives of avarice, vanity, pride & control upon which Market Forces economics depend.

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