Voting Changes Real Talk

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Voting Changes Real Talk

Post by kybkh » Mon Jun 28, 2021 3:00 pm

"If we don't stop [GOP voting efforts] now, we are going to see a breakdown of the basic agreement that has held this magnificent democratic experiment together all these years..." Obama June 2021

Predicts an up-down vote on the "For the People Act", if "they can create and environment of awareness". ... 1159605249

So look, TBH most the voting changes for covid and the election lawsuits that SCOTUS refused to hear and the changes enabled via the globohomo corp sponsored 501s laid in the Time Mag pieces is TLDR for me.

There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day. Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests–in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy.

So wtf is actually going on? when did we all agree to 2 months of voting and postcard ballots? Am I correct that the Democrats are trying to make permanent the laws they cheated to change in 2020 under the guise of Covid?
“I've got a phone that allows me to convene Americans from every walk of life, nonprofits, businesses, the private sector, universities to try to bring more and more Americans together around what I think is a unifying theme..." - Obama

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Re: Voting Changes Real Talk

Post by C-Mag » Tue Jun 29, 2021 6:57 am

Yes, they are attempting to make permanent uncontrolled voting.

Yes, they are concerned vote audits will screw up their shot at permanent uncontested power.

As the Az audit completed they have rolled out the big guns to admonish us about the hint of any funny business. Weve seen algore, obama, and even bill barr come out and say trump lost, no shenanigans.

But they dont mention audits, because they dont even want you thinking about them.


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