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Re: Revolutions

Post by DrYouth » Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:00 pm

I'm almost done the South American Independence series...

Another great series.

Special mention to Duncan's Macgregor Macgregor special episode... An epic Irish con man of the time.

And Lord Thomas Cochrane - the Sea Wolf.... who was the Scottish Admiral of the Navy that "liberated" Lima.

It was interesting to hear about the British Mercenaries who were instrumental in the independence struggles of Venezuela and Columbia.

Also epic: The Janeros and the Legions of Hell...
Horse mounted lancers who reminded me of the ferocious waves of warriors from the Steppes in Carlin's podcasts.

Bolivar is of course fascinating... mercurial, vain and a liberal "noble" but a fierce warrior immune to hardships... he's in some ways hard not to like... and at other times annoyingly fickle.... a top shelf portrait of a man by Mark Duncan.
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