Government Pensions

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Government Pensions

Post by Martin Hash » Tue Mar 26, 2013 2:55 am

Government has no money.

That simple fact seems to escape most people. The only money Government has is the money it collects from taxpayers. This is vitally important because it means Government cannot lend money to itself. Government pension “reserves” are a myth because the only money is future tax receipts, and since Government cannot even balance its budget now, the only way to pay pensions is to raise taxes. One of America’s founding premises, written into The Constitution, is that children are not responsible for the debts of their parents. Therefore, at a fundamental basis, Government pensions are violating the Constitutional intent because they certainly pass the debts of the elders onto succeeding generations.

Government, as a representative of The People, can tax and give that money to retirees but that is a socialistic responsibility, not a contractual one. This distinction is important because socialism is a gift, therefore the obligation is on the beneficiary. Pensions are contractual which puts the obligation on the taxpayer, yet the taxpayer is in the unconscionable position of collusion between Government employees WITH Government employees. Pension contracts are essentially unilateral, and unilateral contracts are unenforceable by law.

In the New America, the one left over after hyperinflation, a couple of financial changes need to be made to The Constitution: one, a Balanced Budget Amendment that ensures tax receipts equals expenditures, and two, the elimination of pensions replaced by a truly socialized Social Security system.