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Dylan Perry

Post by Martin Hash » Fri Nov 01, 2013 5:56 am

I first met Dylan Crooke in Melbourne, Australia, where he was set up in a house in the suburbs with a bunch of guys doing production. The walls were bare, computer equipment was lying all over the place, and some of his crew lived there – very much like the original Hash house. Dylan worked with Rachael Perry, they married, and he changed his name to Dylan Perry. (The name “Crooke,” also like “Hash,” caused trouble.) Dylan had the same outlook on life as me: not fashion-conscious, disdainful of public approval, and goal-directed – we got along grandly.

Dylan came to the States several times, with & without Rachael, and stayed at my house, once for over a month. Sometimes his friends came with him, and they stayed at my house too. We usually worked, him animating, me programming, or talked about work. We critiqued movies: I introduced him to “The Outlaw Josey Wales,” and he got me watching the Miyazaki movies. He attended the Hash Bashes, and was the closest thing to a director we had on “Tin Woodman of Oz.” It was a decade-long friendship.

Dylan was also the most prolific animator to ever use Animation:Master: over 100 Petey & Jaydee episodes, a couple dozen Dragon Slayer Jr. episodes, a dozen music videos, dozens of commercials, a half dozen show pilots, and several complete shorts. He worked in a team as “Momentum Animation Studios,” and by himself. He could turn out a complete minute of finished animation in a week. Dylan proved over-and-over that Animation:Master was an efficient production tool. Dylan's large volume of Animation:Master work will never be beaten.

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