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Considering that I started with Animation:Apprentice followed by Animation:Journeyman, it seems logical that Animation:Master would have been the inevitable next step in the Hash software naming continuum. And indeed we finally settled there but not before trying on “Will Vinton’s Playmation,” “Martin Hash’s 3D Animation,” and “3D Animation Pro.”

There was a series of fantasy books I was reading during the time I was developing the first piece of software in the suite called “Magician:Apprentice,” “Magician:Journeyman,” and naturually, “Magician:Master,” so obviously I intended to use “Animation:Master” all along, but when the Amiga market crashed in 1990, and I went to Will Vinton’s Studio, they insisted on holding the copyright on the product’s name, so I steered them to something other than a name I eventually wanted to use myself. (Will Vinton actually suggested “Animation:Master” several times but I remained silent, and nobody else seemed to like it – so we ended up with “Playmation” – sounds like “Claymation” – Will’s trademark.) Foresight has always been my gift, and a couple years later “Animation:Master” made its debut.

At first, it was version “2,” “3,” “4,” “V,” but Microsoft released Windows95, and we jumped on the annual bandwagon, with “Animation:Master 96,” “97,” “98,” “99,” and finally “Millennium,” before switching back to version numbers. We also had a mid-year release that we called “8.5,” “9.5,” “10.5,” and “11.1” but change slowed and now there’s lucky to be a new version per year. New versions are important because the large portion of our sales come from trade shows, and often people buy when they see us every year and we have to have something new to sell them.

My last version was V15 in 2008.
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