Why Does the Wind Blow?

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Martin Hash
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Why Does the Wind Blow?

Post by Martin Hash » Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:28 pm

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Martin Hash
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When Did The Flowers Grow?

Post by Martin Hash » Mon May 04, 2015 3:50 pm

We woke up this morning,
And what did we see?
Daffodils and dandelions,
And a cherry blossom tree.

When did this happen?
What caused it all?
There weren’t any tulips,
Or daisies last fall.

When did they show up?
Those leaves on the trees.
And the buds on the flowers,
That sway in the breeze.

They weren’t here yesterday,
Nor the day before?
We’ve got to investigate,
Soon we’ll know more.

The moles in their tunnels,
Plant grass on their roof,

I watch ants in their armies,
Carry seeds under the earth,
Where they add something secret,
To give flowers birth.

The horny-back beetles,
Slap on some red paint,
And add purple for speckles,
The pattern’s quite quaint.

Caterpillars with their many legs
Apply glue

Push flowers up through the earth

The Hottentots who live deep underground
They have a big factory
That churns out daises and

The Do-what-you-wants,
Who live inside trees,
Come out at night
And hang all the leaves.

The Work-a-lot bumblebees,
Who buzz past your eyes,
They bring the tulips,
That shine white against alabaster skies.

Hedgehogs build hedges,
Coral snakes
Water-lilies are wrapped in bubbles,
At the bottom of ponds,
And pup up in the morning.

Dogwood and cattails are easy to explain,

The music of bullfrogs,

Butterflies are really flowers,
That take to the air,
And land where they are needed

11-toed ant

Why does the wind blow?
Where do the birds go?
When to the flowers grow?
Who makes it snow?