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Post by Martin Hash » Fri Jun 25, 2021 6:42 pm

When it looked like Trump was going to win despite the intense barrage of hate being leveled against him by the swamp, they triggered the weapon of last resort, the Lockdowns. Not just keeping people ensconced in their homes, but the forced closures of business deemed “nonessential,” so that entrepreneurs couldn't even ply their trade over the Internet. The Lockdowns had a majority cross-appeal among the Green New Dealers, the fear-mongering media, the sanctimonious, the authoritarians, and of course the self-centered, perverse Boomers. In retrospect it was all so transparent: the release from an American-money sponsored Chinese lab, the intense sanctimony, and of course, the mail-in ballots.

The Lockdowns only seemed marginally reasonable for the 2 weeks they were supposedly going to "flatten the curve" so as not to overwhelm hospitals but as that stretched into a year, hospitals began actually closing because they had no business. Several Republican states didn’t Lockdown at all, and many lifted the Lockdowns as soon as the blatant political nature of the situation clearly manifest itself. The obvious logic that so many states suffered no ill effects ignoring the federal recommendations, Florida and Texas among them, were unconvincing to Democrats and their allies. A virus that requires knowing the political affiliation of patients is the opposite of science. For example, in 2020, deaths from cold viruses, normally 50-80K, were less than 1% of that. The obvious reason death from colds was almost zero is because they were all being attributed to Covid but, of course, the Democrats said it's because the lockdowns worked? A bizarre logic that implies they worked almost 100% for regular colds & flus, just not on Covid, because cases supposedly continued to skyrocket. Then when it was all over but for the diehard maskers, the real numbers showed Covid did indeed have a mortality rate similar to colds & flu. The fact that so many people immediately capitulated, and refuse to admit their gullibility even now, while those who resist the narrative are still condemned, is a bad sign for America's continued existence.
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Re: Lockdowns

Post by DBTrek » Fri Jun 25, 2021 10:43 pm

Another strong entry.
Gonna be a good podcast season.
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Re: Lockdowns

Post by SuburbanFarmer » Sat Jun 26, 2021 6:22 am

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Re: Lockdowns

Post by C-Mag » Sat Jun 26, 2021 7:01 am

The fact that so many people immediately capitulated, and refuse to admit their gullibility even now
Good point.

People are invested in their own heroic story of surviving COVID on one hand. Then for a bunch of non descript people, mask mandates empowered them to release their rage on their neighbors. They were now authorized to scream at their neighbors from a position of authority, something they never had before.


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